Free Pool!  Every monday we have a free pool table from opening til closing. Buy beer, play pool. Couldn’t be easier!

Alternates between an ordinary night with great beer, pleasant company & the rock jukebox and Lockdown!  Rocksocs. Hallam & Sheffield, Bringing you the best rock party, if you’re a member of either society you’re welcome & there are a few rather special drinks offer. All offers subject to showing your Rocksoc card, no card, no discounts! Check Dove Central on facebook or the events page to see which it is on any given week!

Fancy yourself as a Dj? Are you an acoustic/easy listening act?  Fancy trying to get a few bands together & putting on a showcase night? Well, why not give it a go? Tonight is band/guest Dj night. So, if you’re either & you wanna take to our stage then inbox Dove Central on  facebook with details!

It’s the weekend warm up! Sometimes we have a band, Sometimes a Dj, Sometimes Uni of Sheffield turn up & have their social night. Sometimes it’s just our rock jukebox, but always it’s fine drinks served pleasantly in the best company!

w/ Jason Dj Jason starts the weekend proper with all the best in rock, with a large sprinkling of metal thrown in for good measure. But he doesn’t knows it all so feel free to make requests. We have a huge data base of tunes so he’s rarely stumped!

Thunderstruck w/ Lucy A night of classics old & new, so request away. Classic rock didn’t end mid 70’s, it kept going &  is still going strong! New girl Lucy spent her childhood loving her dads vinyl collection & has carried on loving  rock ever since. Expect a slightly different slant though as she has a wide & varied love of all the genres associated with rock. Don’t expect any drum, bass or hip hop though. She knows better! We will still be putting on  live bands but only good strong rock acts in keeping with the high standard you expect from our weekends!  As for closing time? We shut when you’ve had enough or when we have!

We’re open from 2.30 til late,, with the jukebox on low for a quiet drink to finish the weekend & a free pool table all day. A nice time to finish the week before monday appears!

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